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ILTA Roadshow 2011: SharePoint – A Social Network for Learning

April 17, 2011

The International Legal Technology Assocication (ILTA), in partnership with Profisciencé Partners, is sponsoring a roadshow that begins in April and runs through July 2011. This event offers ILTA members the opportunity to attend a 90-minute meeting hosted over breakfast or lunch that introduces a challenging and relevant educational topic, and Profisciencé Partners is pleased to present “SharePoint – A Social Network for Learning” delivered in 19 cities across the U.S. and Canada.

You are invited to attend, and specific meeting locations and registration details can be found by visiting ILTA’s web site at

ILTA Roadshow – Topic Description
SharePoint: A Social Network for Learning
With SharePoint 2010 being deployed in law firms at a record pace, My Sites are all the rage for their enterprise social networking capabilities. But did you know that there is also a new school of thought on intranets from a learning and development perspective? As intranets are re-examined in preparation for SharePoint 2010, it’s looking more and more like SharePoint will be the learning portal, if not the learning center of the future. In this session we will examine how law firms are already making use of SharePoint for learning and development, the role of enterprise social networking in learning management, and the future of SharePoint as a social network for learning.  Michael Barshinger, founder and CEO of Profisciencé Partners, will be presenting this topic and Theresa Lundquist, Chief Learning Officer for Profisciencé Partners, will join him in this thought provoking discussion. 

ILTA Roadshow – Schedule of Cities/Dates
Atlanta                4/6/2011
Miami                   4/7/2011

Cleveland            4/12/2011
Pittsburgh           4/13/2011

Seattle                5/3/2011
Vancouver          5/4/2011
Calgary               5/5/2011

Toronto              5/24/2011
New York            5/25/2011
Boston                5/26/2011

Los Angeles        6/15/2011
San Francisco     6/16/2011
Sacramento        6/17/2011

Philadelphia        7/6/2011
DC                      7/7/2011
Richmond            7/8/2011

Chicago              7/26/2011
Milwaukee          7/27/2011
Minneapolis        7/28/2011

If you have colleagues in other firms or others within your own firm who share your interest in this topic, please invite them to attend with you.  Non-members are always welcome at ILTA events, and there is no cost to attend, so there is much to be gained!

For more information, please contact Claudia O’Neill at


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