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New features for SharePoint Learning Kit released today

February 11, 2011

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new version of the SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) for UniversitySite.  This version includes several enhancements to existing web parts and a new web part for MySite pages.  In addition, the SLK now includes a synchronization process dubbed “ListMaker.”

ListMaker enables UniversitySite courses, events, and learning resources to be accessed from a SharePoint search and enables UniversitySite events to be displayed on SharePoint’s native Calendar web part, including the ability to overlay UniversitySite’s classes on existing Calendars.


  1. Pagination for all web parts
  2. Ability to remove prefix and number in web parts
  3. A new My Recent Activity customizable web part that will display an individual’s recent activity
  4. Page viewer web parts auto-size eliminating the need for a scrollbar

The SharePoint Learning Kit now includes the following web parts:

Page Viewer Web Parts - The page viewer web parts are designed to provide a view of important UniversitySite Learning Center pages in SharePoint. Web parts in this category include:

  • Calendar Page
  • Catalog Page
  • Learning Plans Page
  • My Feedback Page
  • My Learning Plans Page
  • My Progress Report Page
  • Recent Learning Activity Page
  • Recent Learning Opportunities Page

Customizable Web Parts - These web parts are part of our infinitely customizable collection of web parts. Web parts in this category include:

  • Recent Activity
  • My Recent Activity
  • To Do List
  • Training Courses
  • Training Events
  • Training Resources

New features for UniversitySite released today

February 11, 2011

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new version of UniversitySite with numerous enhancements.  We are grateful for the feedback from our clients that enables us to enhance UniversitySite.  As a way of saying thank you we have included the names of those who played a role in these enhancements.

Download Release Notes

Significant Changes

  1. eLearning – Ability to create presets for eLearning settings and apply them to content
  2. eLearning – SCORM engine has been updated to the latest version on at the time of development
  3. eLearning – Ability to bulk upload Course content for eLearning and Instructor-led courses
  4. Events – Ability to copy remote extensions with events making repeat scheduling of the same course easier (Marti Phillips, Richard Lobel, Ken Manford, Drew Nishioka, John Attinger)
  5. Time zones – Time zones are associated with locations and can be automatically applied to users based on their location

Learning Center Enhancements

  1. Calendar Admin – option to hide course prefix and number for events on the Learning Center calendar (System Configuration, Other; Heather Justus, Marti Phillips, Norman Aguon)
  2. Home Page – Home page now includes course search
  3. Meeting requests – Updated meeting requests now say “Updated” in the subject (Evelyn Amundson)
  4. My To Do List – Ability to play or drop incomplete eLearning with a single click
  5. Welcome Page – Ability to choose a “Preferred Office Location” that can be different than your defined location from your User Profile and will be used in the calendar and when wish listing courses (Thom Pullen)
  6. Welcome Page – Privacy Settings are now easier to view and set
  7. Welcome Page – Ability for users to adjust privacy settings for activity feeds in advance of rolling them out
  8. Wish list – Confirmation message now indicates wish list success (Thom Pullen)
InstructorSite Enhancements
  1. Activity Feed – Tweaks to improve formatting of Activity feeds
  2. Admin Tools – Ability to hide “Get Help” item in Learning Center toolbar (Tonya Harris)
  3. Admin Tools – Ability to customize star rating descriptions for Instructors and star rating descriptions for Courses
  4. eLearning – Log of eLearning interactions which can be useful for troubleshooting
  5. Feedback system – Provide separate descriptions for Feedback Star ratings for Instructors vs. Courses
  6. Learning Plans – Added graduate and enrollee totals to the Learning Plan viewer (Philip Cunningham)
  7. Other – Removed edit buttons column on Events, Courses and Learning Plans Viewers  for Departments, Regulatory Agencies, Tags, and Audiences to prevent unintentional edit/deletion (Catherine Williams)
  8. Regulatory Agencies and Departments – Prevent accidental deletion by warning and asking for confirmation (Kitty Aggett, Catherine Williams)
  9. Reports – Add custom field labels to report downloads to Excel (Tracy Patrick)
  10. Reports – New eLearning detail report includes user responses to quizzes (Jennifer Thomas)
  11. Reports – New Learning Plans report added


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