Profisciencē Partners Announces the SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK) for UniversitySite 2010


DALLAS, Tx – Oct. 28, 2010 – Research by Profisciencē Partners ( on leveraging social networking as a means to increase self-initiated organizational learning has inspired a new wave of features in the latest version of its learning management system, UniversitySite 2010, and resulted a new product, the SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK).

UniversitySite 2010 leverages positive peer pressure, competitiveness, and the strength of interpersonal employee relationships to create a more dynamic and personal learning experience.  The SLK enables learning activities and opportunities in UniversitySite—such as Learning Plans, Course Catalogs, Training Events, To Do Lists, and Training Resources—to be distributed throughout SharePoint to increase organizational learning by pushing learning materials to Intranet pages that users frequently visit, increasing their exposure.

“Several years ago, Profisciencē Partners began researching the impact that social networking and interpersonal business relationships have on self-initiated organizational learning,” says Michael Barshinger, CEO of Profisciencē Partners. “UniversitySite  promotes increased transparency associated with learning activities, and the SLK offers a much more integrated user experience.”

About Profisciencē Partners

Profisciencē Partners is a premier provider of software solutions for learning and performance management. Their product offerings include UniversitySite (Learning Management), SharePoint Learning Kit, SkillSite (Assessment), and SupportSite (Service Management).  These best-in-class tools increase the value of learning for law firms by helping them to leverage their available resources, improve organizational performance, and meet their bottom line objectives.

For more information about the SharePoint Learning Kit, contact:
Claudia O’Neill
Marketing Coordinator
Profisciencē Partners
(469) 248-5267

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